St. Mary of the Assumption Church

First Communion/Reconciliation

First Communion/Reconciliation is a two year program which prepares the student to be ready for their first Reconciliation and Communion.

The first year is spent learning about Christ, Mary and the basic prayers of the Church.  Topics covered include:

  • Basic prayers including the Sign of the Cross, Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be.
  • Why God made us
  • God is our Father and Heaven is our home
  • Trinity, Creation, Sin
  • Adam, Eve and Original Sin
  • Mary and her role
  • Why Jesus came into the world
  • Communion/Mass -emphasizing how the Priest changes bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ
  • Field trip to the church to acquaint the children with the sanctuary, confessional, etc

The second year is spent learning the meaning of and Reconciliation and Communion.  For Reconciliation, the communicants learn what Reconciliation is, what happens when they go to confession and how to examination their conscience using the 10 commandments.  For 1st communion, they learn about the Eucharist, what happens to the bread when the priest consecrates it and how to receive it.