Pastors of St. Mary’s

The following are the Pastors who have served St. Mary’s since its inception.

1843:  Father William Hogan of Lansingburgh said the first Mass in Waterford.

1848: Father Anthony Farley  - built the first Church (now the Church Hall)

1858: Most Reverend John McCloskey, Bishop of Albany

1860: Father Edward M. Mullen, OSA, lived in Lansingburgh

1861: Father Michael J. Collins, OSA, lived in Lansingburgh, made improvements to the original Church building

1877: Father John H. Devir, OSA

1878: Father Daniel D. Regan, OSA, moved into the first rectory in 1880

1880: Father John P. Gilmore, OSA

1890: Father John T. Emmett, OSA

1894: Father James P. Curran, OSA, died in office

1901: Father Alfred H. Valiquette, OSA, pastor when the current Church was built

1918: Father Daniel J. Sullivan, OSA

1922: Father Michael J. Flemming, OSA

1924: Father Daniel J. Leonard, OSA

1926: Father Henry T. Regan, OSA

1932: Father James H. Griffin, OSA

1938: Father Daniel A. Herron, OSA

1942: Father James R. Simpson, OSA

1950: Father Thomas Fogarty, OSA, died before he took office

1950: Father Francis A. Diehl, OSA, built the school

1959: Father Frederick I. Ryan, OSA

1965: Father John J. Coffey, OSA

1968: Father Ralph V. Shuhler, OSA

1971: Father John J. Vrana, OSA

1979: Father Francis Melcher, OSA

1983: Father Thomas J. Dillon, OSA

1983: Father Joseph Keffer, OSA

1994: Father Marshall J. Halphen, OSA

2002: Father David J. Kelley, OSA