6th Grade

The sixth graders is a wonderful year of discovery, learning and developing faith. At this grade level, the students learns the Nicene Creed (memorization and its meaning), the Beatitudes (memorization and their application to current living), that Faith has two aspects: Belief, as in the application of faith by participating in Mass, prayer and being faithful and Charity, as in one must do Good Works or Acts of Good Will (good deeds, do unto others, support and serve) to be a true balanced Roman Catholic.

Students in 6th grade also learn the process of church. They learn the mechanics of how the Eucharistic ceremony is held, the process of each of the Sacraments (adding to the learning about the Sacraments from 4th and 5th grade), and the process of the church. At this age the students are able to understand the concrete application and process of action as well as beginning to understand the abstract concepts of faith, belief, morality (which they continue more in depth in 7th and 8th grades).