Sacrament of Reconciliation

Saturday: 7:15an  to 7:35am and 3:00pm to 3:45pm


Sacrament of Baptism
Baptism of Adults and youth follows the Church’s traditional “Catechumenate,” a gradual acquaintance with Catholic life leading to Baptism, Confirmation and First Holy Communion at the Easter Vigil. Baptism of infants and pre-school children is celebrated on the third Sunday of each month at 1:00 PM (except during Lent), and at Easter Vigil. Parents (or expecting parents) must be registered parishioners, call at least six weeks in advance, and participate in a brief parent preparation held regularly. Please call the parish office for more information.


Sacrament of the Sick
In case of an emergency, at any time. Whenever someone is in the hospital, seriously ill, or confined at home, please notify the parish office.


Sacrament of Matrimony
Bride and groom must meet with the pastor at least six months before the date and must present a recent baptismal certificate.